Christmas Eve 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Christ is born – Glorify Him!

Glory to God, we have celebrated Christmas Eve in a great number at our Church property, gathering for prayer at the Christmas Eve Vespers service, followed by the lighting of the Badnjak (Serbian Yule log). After this a delicious lenten dinner was prepared and served by our sisters from the Kolo. We thank everyone who participated in the organization for this event, as well as all of our patrons!

The next day, on Christmas Day, we celebrated the Birth of Christ by a Holy Liturgy served at 8:00AM that day.

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill

Past Events and Reminders

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We celebrated Children’s Day at our Church on Sunday, December 17th. On that occasion, Marko Ćurčić was tied up and then “released” after handing out gifts to everyone present as his “ransom”.
We also celebrated the Mothers’ Day on Sunday, December 24th, and the “ransom” gifts for were given by Dušica Vukosav.
We remind you that this Sunday, December 31st, we will be celebrating Fathers’ Day: come to see who we will bind!

Last Sunday we resumed with our catechism classes for children, and God-willing we will continue so with this established practice of ours every Sunday after Holy Liturgy. We invite all old and new students to join us!

We remind you that tomorrow, on Saturday, December 30 at 6PM, Vespers will be served by Father Vladimir Vranić together with Father Zlatibor Đurašević.

On Sunday, December 31, after the Holy Liturgy we will be bundling the Badnjak branches – everyone is welcome to stay to help with these preparations for Christmas!

We will be announcing soon the schedule of services for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

And finally we invite you to the Serbian New Year’s Eve party on Saturday, January 13, from 7PM at our hall at 49 N Lake Rd in Richmond Hill. The Circle of Serbian Sisters will prepare a rich dinner, and you will be entertained by Aca Pejovic’s orchestra.
Tickets per person are $60, for reservations please contact Srđan Stojšić at 647-409-6279.

Come to pray to God together and celebrate our upcoming Feast-days together at our Church!

– The Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Parish

In our Chapel Again

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Glory and thanks be to God for having us gathered again on this 27th Sunday after Pentecost, December 10th, at our premises in joint prayer to God Almighty in fraternal love at the Holy Liturgy. It was wonderful to see again so many of our parishioners and their children who “revived” our Church facilities with their joyful noise.

Following the service, we sat together for Agape, socializing and enjoying the lunch prepared by our sister Vera Pavlović.

We thank everyone who came and we invite you all to continue to attend services at our chapel.

Thank you for your understanding and your unselfish support.
– The Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Parish

Cleanup of the Church Facility

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to thank you for the great turnout this past Saturday, December 9th, with helping with the clean-up of our Church facilities, and thereby spending a full day’s work to do:

  • Detailed cleaning of the kitchen and the bar
  • Setting up the room by the kitchen where the walk-in refrigerator was before
  • Covering the waterproofing insulator in the chapel
  • Returning all of the displaced furniture
  • Placing the icons and books to their place
  • Setting up the chapel and altar for Worship

The volunteers were: Cule Međedović, Dragan Ćurčić, Mile Kotarac, Stiv Stojanović, Tomo Trklja, Žiko Božić, Svetlana Đogo, Ljiljana and Radovan Ždrakanović, Srđo Stojšić, Saša Cvijetinović, Snežana and Duško Knežević, Nada Vukoje, Dejan Jokanović, Zorka and Milan Lavrnja, Dunja Pavlović, Siniša Cvetković, Ljubiša Marković, Zoran Radišić and Fr. Vladimir Vranić.

Thank you for unselfish effort and support!
– The Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Parish